Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Five Ways to Use the FaroArm That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Your FaroArm Does a Lot More Than You Might Think

It measures, it scans, is slices and dices. Okay, the FaroArm has not worked its way into kitchens around the world yet, but it is used for a lot more than measuring parts and capturing geometries in 3D. In fact, you don’t have to look far to find FARO customers using their Arms in interesting ways, like preserving historical artifacts or designing crash test dummies. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More On the FARO-Trimble Partnership

The FARO-Trimble partnership announced earlier this year has paved the way for Trimble to distribute FARO laser scanners through its global network (coverage here and here).

FARO has always been an advocate for the democratization of measurement and 3D imaging technology. Like FARO, Trimble has served their customers for over 30 years by delivering leading technologies that solve measurement challenges. By partnering with Trimble, industries like civil engineering, surveying and transportation – industries where Trimble has a well-established brand – will benefit from increased access to FARO-built products. Trimble has achieved great success in these particular markets, so they’ll work to put FARO scanners (re-branded under an OEM agreement as the TrimbleTX5) in the hands of many more new users.

The agreement also means that FARO can forge deeper relationships in the many markets that we will continue to serve directly or through our own family of distributors, including forensics, architecture, insurance, entertainment and gaming, petrochemical, historical preservation, manufacturing and industrial measurement. FARO also adds greater emphasis on the development of complete scanning solutions –hardware, software, training, and other solutions that work together to improve customers’ workflows. The recently-announced FARO 3D App Center is one example of how FARO will find new ways to make use of 3D data.

True democratization of 3D imaging technology is closer than ever thanks to FARO’s OEM agreement with Trimble. More scanning users and solutions will be good for everyone, especially the customers FARO and Trimble serve. This partnership puts more scanners into the hands of more people, creates new opportunities for FARO to develop stacks of products and services, and ultimately creates a larger community of users who will learn and exchange ideas with one another.